We All Have Mental Health

We All Have Mental Health

A common assumption is that mental health only relates to individuals who are dealing with depression, anxiety or other more complex mental health conditions.

The truth is the term ‘mental health’ refers to a person’s psychological and emotional wellbeing.

It is important to take good care of your own mental health or wellbeing as this can impact on your overall health and happiness!

What can you do for your own mental health?
  • Slow down and take time for yourself. This can help to increase your productivity and brain function. Are you feeling tired, drained, burnt out or is your life very demanding on your time? If ‘yes’ is the answer…its really important to take breaks regularly to clear your mind.


  • Practice Self Care. Whether it is finding time to read a book or sitting down with a cup of tea, take some time every week to do something that you enjoy.


  • Speak your mind. Are you feeling down? If you’re struggling with your emotional wellbeing it can be helpful to talk to a friend or family member, or chat to a counsellor.

Community Living Well are a local free service that offer free counselling via telephone and face-to-face appointments. To access their services visit: https://communitylivingwell.co.uk/self-referral-form-mental-health/

Alternatively, our Enhance Health Checks offer you guidance and support to help you take the first steps towards getting support for your wellbeing. You will have the chance to chat to our experienced, friendly practitioners who can help you to make a referral and find a suitable service.

Call 02034342500 to book your Enhance Health Check appointment.



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