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Following the tragic fire in Grenfell in 2017, the need to support people’s emotional wellbeing has significantly increased. We are working with the community to give you a more holistic version of the traditional NHS Health Check.

The service is free for you to access.

Discover a New Understanding of  Your Health

After having your Enhanced Health Check you will have a stronger understanding of both the short and long-term risks to your health. Your health coach will give you the resources to follow-up on the areas of your health that you have chosen to focus on, in addition to any areas your health coach may advise.

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The Enhanced Health Check is tailored to you

Most NHS Health Checks take between 20-30 minutes and assess your risk of cardiovascular disease. However, your FREE health check with Enhance lasts up to 60 minutes, giving our team the opportunity to take a more holistic approach to look at your overall wellbeing and address any health concerns you may have.


Enhance offer an optional 30 minute appointment for spirometry testing (lung function check). This test is not always suitable with some health conditions, so it is important to attend a health check with Enhance prior to booking this appointment.